East hawthorn vet

Pet Care In Hawthorne?

There is a special bond that is created between humans and the animals they keep. They become very special to humans and are often considered part of the family. It is therefore, without a question, a good idea to have a East hawthorn vet, who we can entrust our pets to and who we can call on in case of emergencies.

Knowing where to find vet isn’t only important for those who have pets but also for farmers who keep food animals in their farm.

What is veterinary medicine?

Veterinary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect both domestic and wild animals and focuses on the prevention of transmission of animal diseases to people.

Anyone who keeps animals should know and have the location of a vet. Just like humans, animals need medical attention and routine checkups in their lives.

Vets played an important role in the contribution to animal and human health, such as the reductions in rates of human exposure to TB and brucellosis. There has also been safe and effective vaccine for prevention of many companion animal diseases.

Roles and responsibilities of a vet

  • Vets diagnose dysfunctions of animals.
  • They vaccinate animals against diseases such as rabies.
  • They give medications to animals suffering from infectious diseases.
  • They treat and dress wounds.
  • Set fractures on hurt animals.
  • They perform major and minor surgery on animals.
  • They give advice to the owners of animals about feeding, behavior and breeding.
  • Perform diagnostic tests on animals, such as ultrasound, blood, EKG, and more.
  • They are responsible for the preventive health of animals.
  • Euthanize animals when necessary.
  • Conducts research on better and improved ways of solving animal-human health related problems.
  • There are some veterinarians teach at veterinary schools.
  • Some veterinarians are involved in food and safety inspection services. They check for transmissible diseases, advice the families on treatment and quarantine.

Veterinarian practices in Hawthorn and contact information

These are a few vet clinics in Hawthorne

  •         Hawthorn East vet
  •         Bundoora Veterinary clinic and hospital
  •         Kew vet & cattery
  •         Barkers veterinary clinic and hospital
  •         Burwood road clinic for cats
  •         Burke road veterinary clinic